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Sunday, January 29th, 2017


Foldylock Compact Review


Paul Horta-Hopkins


A review of the Foldylock Compact.


The Foldylock Compact is a novel folding lock from the Seatylock team, who are led by Israeli product designer Oren Livne. Their original product, the Seatylock was a saddle that converted into a lock. This solved two problems; how to secure your bike and stopping your saddle from being nicked! Using the same folding mechanism as their original product, they have produced two more locks, the Foldylock Compact and Foldylock Classic. I have been using the Compact to keep the thieves at bay.


The Foldylock Compact folds up into a small, portable package

The Foldylock Compact folds up into a small, portable package


The Foldylock Compact is made from six hardened steel links, connected by reinforced rivets which allows the whole lock to fold on itself. The links are covered in a tough plastic, which offers some protection to your frame from knocks. The lock uses an ‘automotive’ style key which is big enough not to get lost in your back-pack and tough enough not to snap in the lock; both of which have happened to me! The lock’s cylinder is specially hardened to make it proof against drill and freeze attacks. The metal components are corrosion resistant and the plastic is UV protected, so it should stay looking good for some time. Weight for the lock is 1.34Kg and fully extended it is 90cm, folded it is 21.2cm. It also comes with a reassuring Sold Secure 2017 sticker.


Seatylock provide three keys and a handy carry case with the Foldylock Compact

Seatylock provide three keys and a handy carry case with the Foldylock Compact


So how did the Foldylock Compact fare in the real world of fending off the dreaded bicycle thieves? Well I still have my bike, which means it’s worked! Over the test period it’s main duty was looking after the family hack bike at the train station. Secured into one of those new two level racks, the Foldylock Compact is long enough to wrap around the frame and the rack. Being a compact design means that you have a limited amount that you can wrap the Foldylock Compact around, but it’s enough to lock your bike to something like a post, and if you remove your front wheel, you can squeeze that in as well.


Using the Foldylock Compact is simple, the key lock has a nice smooth action and once open it unfolds smoothly. Before locking your bike you do have to avoid the temptation to swing it about like Bruce Lee wielding some nunchucks; or maybe that’s just me?


I have had two sets of keys snap off in locks before, the first time was my son’s fault and the second my significant other, honest. Both times it required total destruction of the lock to reclaim the bike, so I was pleased to see that you get three heavy-duty keys with the Foldylock Compact. You can register your lock with Seatylock which will make getting duplicate keys easier, if the worst should happen.


The Foldylocks's case provides a rattle free method of attaching to your bike

The Foldylocks’s case provides a rattle free method of attaching to your bike


The Foldylock Compact comes with it’s own case that can be attached to your frame’s water bottle bosses; it’s a firm fit and there’s none of that annoying D-lock rattle, even over cobbles! There are also a couple of straps supplied that you can use to attach the lock; this wasn’t as secure, but does offer more options. Being a compact lock you can also fit it in a jersey pocket and as long as long as the jersey isn’t too loose it sits quite nicely. Stowing it in a backpack is simple and it takes up little room.


So to sum up, the Foldylock has a nice and solid feel to it and when folded it’s easy to stow, which makes carrying it a lot less hassle. Being compact it does have a limited ‘reach’, but you could add an extra cable if you need. The folding mechanism produces a small but strong lock that is solid enough to fend off serious thieves, while not being too cumbersome. Take a look at the Seatylock website and see some of the abuse that they put their locks through, that, plus the Silver Sold Secure sticker should make you feel more comfortable about leaving your pride and joy locked up. Well done Seatylock!





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