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Thursday, September 29th, 2016


Tucano Urbano Nano Bullet Jacket Review


Duncan Moore


The Tucan Urbano Nano Bullet is one of those ‘must-have’ commuter items, a small, packable waterproof jacket.


If you’ve ever spent much time commuting by bicycle you’ll appreciate just how useful a lightweight waterproof jacket can be. The sort of jacket that can be scrunched up nice and small and left in the bottom of a bag where it’s almost forgotten about until you get caught in an unexpected shower of rain. The good news if you are in the market for a jacket like this is there’s a new option on the market – the £42.99 Tucan Urbano Nano Bullet.


The Tucan Urbano Nano Bullet is lightweight, packable and bright yellow; everything you need in a commuter jacket

The Tucan Urbano Nano Bullet is lightweight, packable and bright yellow; everything you need in a commuter jacket


Better known for its protective clothing for scooter riders, Italian brand Tucano Urban has recently developed a line of urban cycling apparel and the Nano is a part of that collection. The Nano Bullet is made from Polyamide, which is said to be waterproof and breathable, which is all you really need from a cycling shell jacket. However, the Nano has an extra trick – it can be folded down into one of its own pockets. I refer you back to the first point I made about leaving a jacket in your bag while commuting.


For anyone familiar with Italian cycle kit sizing the fit of the Nano will come as a surprise – large is just that. Normally, if I buy Italian kit I have to go XL, but not so with this jacket. The good news continues with the overall cut of the jacket; the sleeves are long enough as is the back. Stretched out riding on the drops the sleeves still covered my wrists and my back was covered too.


The Nano Bullet packs down into one of it's own pockets

The Nano Bullet packs down into one of it’s own pockets


An easily detached hood is supplied with the Nano Bullet and it can be folded into the collar of the jacket. However, I found this so tricky that I just left it off. Besides, I’ve yet to find a hood on a cycling jacket that’s useable when I’ve got a helmet on.


While the Nano has kept me dry when I’ve been caught in showers, no doubt helped by the seams being taped, the breathability isn’t the best. I was left feeling sweaty when riding hard. However, I’m not going to let that put me off keeping the Nano in my bag while I’m commuting during the summer.


Tucan Urbano


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