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Bags & Cases - Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll Review
Wednesday, September 28th, 2016


Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll Review


Josh Ross


Do you use a tool roll? Old school plastic bag and toe strap, or maybe something a little smarter, like the Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll?


I hate having a bike with “luggage” on it. I carry my flat repair in my jersey pocket, and I’m kind of always on the lookout for the next, better, thing. It’s one of those things I devote entirely too much energy to thinking about, and I don’t think I’m alone. Could the Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll be the one?


The Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll keep all your tools in one handy bundle

The Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll keep all your tools in one handy bundle


For the last year or so I’ve used a Just Enough Tools Jet Roll Phantom, and I had largely decided there wasn’t anything out there that was going to work better for me. Then I messed up using my CO2 inflator and had to walk home. After the second time, I decided it was time to start carrying a pocket pump as well.


The CO2 failures were entirely my own fault, but these things happen, and I’d rather have a backup. Unfortunately, adding a pump to the mix meant the JET Roll wasn’t going to work anymore, and now the hunt for a more perfect solution was once again on. Eventually, I landed on the Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll. I had initially written it off as not quite right, but after a second evaluation, I decided to give it a try. I’m really glad I did because it actually works really well.


One of the reasons I’d initially written it off was the size, it measures out to 39cm wide by 15cm tall. But once I started needing to work a pump into the mix, I found I actually needed the extra size to make it all work. I don’t carry more, but the extra material lets me wrap the whole package a bit tighter so that it fits into my jersey pocket better.


In fact, what I’ve found is the width makes wrapping everything easier, and the height is actually perfect. It’s a bit weighty, 118 grams when empty, but it feels like a solid unit, and it’s easy to grab on your way out the door. Some of the weight comes from the waxed canvas. This is personally a favourite feature.


Separate pockets help keep everything in it's place

Separate pockets help keep everything in it’s place


Waxed canvas might add a bit of weight, but it keeps it from feeling sweaty against my back or waterlogged should it rain. It’s not a material you’d be able to clean, but it should wear well even if it collects some dirt. It also feels fantastic in your hand and moulds to the interior pieces like a favourite pair of jeans.


If you’d prefer to carry the Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll under your seat, it should work well attached to your seat rails. You can see in the pictures that I’ve grabbed a jelly bracelet to keep everything wrapped tightly, however, Blackburn has followed a well worn path and included a leather strap that can be used to tighten the tool roll into a package attached to the seat rails. Whichever way you decide to carry the Wayside Tool Roll, the pockets are well designed and provide a range of options.


While waxed cotton may not be the most hi-tech material, it is tough and ages well

While waxed cotton may not be the most hi-tech material, it is tough and ages well


The main pocket area is about 24 cm wide with a cover that keeps contents from falling out of the 9 cm deep mesh pockets. On the left, you will find two pockets that are roughly 4.5 cm wide, then a 6 cm wide pocket, and finally, an 8 cm wide pocket on the right. The zippered area is roughly 9 cm wide, and there is a 7 cm wide section on the right which acts as a closing flap and has a loop for the strap to pass through.


The bottom line on the Blackburn Wayside Tool Roll is really simple. It’s fantastically well made, fits everything I need, and sells for a bargain at under $25. It’s a bit weighty, and I’ve had it bounce a bit in some jerseys, but it wraps tightly and feels good. It’s an item I feel good recommending.




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