Efneo Echelon Hub

Efneo Echelon Hub


Efneo Echelon Hub


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Efneo Echelon Hub


Efneo are certainly clever. As well as the equally clever gearbox we looked at recently, Efneo have a new hub, called the Echelon.

This is their bold statement in regards to this product:


In a few years nobody will believe we ever used hubs that did not engage immediately, sounded like angry bees, and actually braked your bike while not pedaling.


In a few years everybody will use only one type of freewheel integrated into their hub – the efneo freewheel and hub. Instant engagement – less than 1 degree of “dead space”. No noise. No braking.


I wonder if it will come true?




Unlike traditional roller freewheels, the Efeno Hub sprocket remains motionless when not pedalling which should improves durability, reliability and slow down any wear, significantly. The other benefits are that it is silent and responds instantly to any input you make through the pedals, so they claim that pedal efficiency is second to none. It is not a pawl and ratchet system but is a new system designed to give instant Engagement through having less than 1 degree of dead space, so in theory you push the pedal and your bike reacts immediately. Efneo claim, “Like in a super-car – hit the gas and you’re off. Instantly, feel the power.”



Efneo are also keen to highlight how pawl and ratchet systems actually “brake” your wheel, creating resistance when you are not pedaling. Efneo’s Active Hub design does not slow down the wheel when you stop pedaling, “so you glide faster, longer, and have more energy when you need it.”




Obviously it’s lightweight and durable – Efneo wanted to design a tougher hub than the silent hubs already on the market – and the Active Hub will be available for all types of wheels including disc brake, single speed, MTB, road, trekking and BMX.


Let’s have a gander at the video shall we?





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