Halt Gooey Brake Pads

Halt Gooey Brake Pads


Halt Gooey Brake Pads


February 2013


Halt Gooey Brake Pads, bringing a little colour to your braking.


While wandering the aisles of The Bike Place Show, CycleTechReview had a set of Halt Gooey brake pads pressed into our eager little hands with only a confident, “Give those a try” as explanation. We’ve never come across Halt before but on inspection they look the business.


Halt Gooey Brake Pads
Any colour you want.


A matt black, Shimano style carrier with silver hardware, holds a brake pad that comes in 10 – yes 10 – different colours. If colour matching is your thing, then Halt Gooey pads have got you covered. We will be trying the Gooey pads in traditional, goes-with-everything black.


The pads have a slightly soft feel to them, that hints at good stopping power but not so good wear. However, the company’s blurb says that the ‘Gecko’ compound has ‘increases of over twenty-five percent in power’, with ‘as little as five percent increase in wear’.


Halt Gooey pads
They also come in black!


Only time will tell as we test them over the rest of the winter, always the best time to review pads with water, salt and grit in abundance to test both stopping power and wear.


Halt Gooey Brake Pads retail for £9.99, with replacement pads at £5.99, which makes them an economical choice.

Halt Bicycle

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