RockGuardZ Winter Fun

RockGuardZ Winter Fun


RockGuardZ Winter Fun


Paul Horta-Hopkins


MTB Winter Fun, from the RockGaurdZ Team.


Before the serious training starts, maybe it’s time to have a little fun? With bad weather now hitting parts of the UK, the boys from RockGaurdZ kindly took some time out to show us their local trails around Hopton in Shropshire.

RockGaurdZ are designed and made in the UK to stop stone chips damaging your frame when they are flung up by the front wheel. They use 3 layers of carbon fibre, Diolen fabric and fibre glass.The hand made protectors are made so that each model fits a particular bike brand without the need for adhesives or zip ties, they simply clip on. This tight fit also keeps mud out, avoiding any abrasion between the RockGaurdZ and frame.


Company founder Ian Walker – who started out mtbing as a way of keeping fit for Superbike racing and who just happened to produce Superbike body work in carbon and glass fibre – produced the first RockGaurdZ to protect his own bike. Friends were soon asking for something similar and RockGaurdZ was born. RockGaurdZ have since widened their range and now also produce Mudguardz, Bikestandz and their own range of wheels and Rimz…

If like me, you’re stuck indoors sweating on a turbo, watch the RockGaurdZ riders during your warm up. Maybe it’ll give you a little boost?





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