Bigo 5in1 backpack

Bigo 5in1 backpack


Bigo 5in1 backpack


Andrew Crimp


Bigo Bag Five – it’s not just a bag


Well, what have we here? Bigo have given us a bag – except… It is not just a bag. Bigo have set about designing and creating a bag with ‘multifunctionality’. Their ethos is centered around ‘practical solutions’ to ‘make life that much easier’. This bag is adaptable. It is designed to accompany us on our travels. When we are riding, it is a 50 litre backpack; if we then stop for a bite then the Bigo Bag Five morphs into a Picnic Blanket. And it also can become other things…


The Bigo Bag Five




In a world where we are always doing something, it makes perfect sense to have a piece of kit that is ‘multifunctional’, a piece of gear that lends itself to various activities, not just the one. The folks a Bigo have anticipated this need nicely and neatly in the form of the Bag Five which has five functions, saving the need of packing the extra items one may need. They are:


1, 50L Backpack
2, Rain Poncho
3, Baby Sling
4, Picnic Blanket
5, Expandable


Suffice to say this is a very useful (emphasis on the word useful) bag. Let the video below tell you more.



Indiegogo RRP $139




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