Lupine Piko TL MiniMax Review

Lupine Piko TL MiniMax Review


Lupine Piko TL MiniMax


Alastair Mcneill


Review of the compact yet powerful Lupine Piko TL MiniMax cycling light


It may only be August but as the nights start to draw in again, us cyclists are forced to start thinking about lights. This year, I am very pleased to be ahead of the game, as I have the Lupine Piko TL MiniMax…


It is hard to remember now but the Autumn/Winter weather last year was bordering on the Biblical; incessant wind and rain made riding more pain than pleasure and most of my rides were confined to dark laps of London’s Richmond Park, occasional Kent Hills runs and, when it did stop raining, some off-road trails around the Surrey Hills.


The Lupine Piko MiniMax claims to be ‘the most modern LED bike light in the world’ and I needed a versatile light that could not only stand up to adverse riding conditions but let me see where I was going in the pitch black. It sounds obvious but there is a stark difference between being seen when commuting and seeing where you are going in training – something that coming within inches of a big deer at the bottom of a fast descent confirmed for me… Read More >







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