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Clothing - Knox Dry Inside base layer
Thursday, May 22nd, 2014


Knox Dry Inside base layer


Duncan Moore


Review of the Knox Dry Inside base layer


I start by admitting that I’m a big fan of Knox clothing. The company began by making protective kit for motorcyclists before crossing over into the production of cycling kit too, and it is this that makes it so appealing to me I get double duty from the Knox Dry Inside base layer because I can use it while cycling as well as when I’m on my motorbike.


Knox Dry Inside

Knox Dry Inside


Unlike most base layers, the Knox Dry Inside is not made from some unpronounceable techno fibre that requires complex washing and drying practises. Instead what you get is a simple long-sleeved top made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra. Now I know what you’re thinking, cotton as a base layer equals a really bad idea. However, Knox treats the Dry Inside with Schoeller’s 3XDry, and it is this technology which displays hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties on a single layered textile that transforms the top from a regular cotton one that soaks up sweat to a highly sweat wicking base layer. It also means that if you’re wearing the base Layer on its own and get caught in a shower you shouldn’t get too wet either, though I’ve yet to put that to the test.

According to Knox, all that is needed to keep the Dry Inside wicking sweat away is to wash it at 30 degrees and then iron it inside out to revitalise the ions, and it seems to be so good so far. Given the recent change in the weather, I’ve found myself out riding in the Dry Inside in temperatures where I’d be better off in a lightweight lycra jersey on its own. However, in the name of product testing I’ve had the base layer on and subsequently working up a sweat, and then some more. Fortunately, the Dry Inside is doing just what Knox said it would. While it gets damp, and given the amount of sweat anything would, it doesn’t feel damp and unpleasant next to my skin.

Dry Inside sleeve

Dry Inside sleeve

Much like with cycling, starting a motorbike ride in the early morning knowing you’re going to be out for a few hours means getting the layers right and can be a tricky business, but I’ve been combining the Dry Inside with a leather jacket and it’s proving warm enough for the first part of the ride and yet not too hot when the sun starts to beat down.

So for £39.99 I’m getting a base layer that does double duty, feels really nice on thanks to its heavy cotton content, and it keeps the sweat off my back when out cycling in the good weather. It’s definitely on its way to being one of those pieces of kit that I always default to when I’m unsure what to wear because the conditions are looking changeable. All I’ll have to do now is remember to keep ironing it on the inside and not put it in a hot wash.
Knox Dry Inside base layer


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