Catlike Mixino

Catlike Mixino


Catlike Mixino Helmet


Mark Tearle


Review of the Catlike Mixino Helmet and Mixino Aero VD 2.0 Shell


It has been a while since Nairo Quintana of the Movistar Team won the White Jersey at last years Tour de France wearing on his bonce the Catlike Mixino helmet.


He has since taken the first, of no doubt many future, Grand Tour wins at the Giro D’Italia and the kitten in the original Preview piece has since had kittens of her own. As for the original helmet in the pictures, it suffered a catastrophic calamity, as did a couple of my ribs as a matter of fact, but my head has remained intact (that’s open for debate I am sure – he says preempting an editor’s interjection).


A helmet, in my view at least, is an essential part of your cycling kit. If you race or regularly take part in Sportives then you will know that helmets are compulsory. After the crash (which involved no one else except me and the tarmac) my helmet has been replaced. It is testament to the level of protection my head received from the Catlike Mixino that I went straight out and picked up the same helmet… Read More >



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