No22 Broken Arrow CX1

No22 Broken Arrow CX1


The No22 Broken Arrow CX1


Simon Whiten


No22 Bicycle Company’s new titanium cyclocross rig is the Broken Arrow CX1


If you fancy titanium for ‘cross then the new titanium cyclocross bike from the No22 Bicycle company, dubbed the Broken Arrow may well be worth a look…


No22 Broken Arrow
The No22 production staff come from the old Serotta set-up, and as a result each of them has, on average, more than 14 years experience fabricating titanium. Consequently the quality of the welds, mitering and finishing are at the very top of the industry, so No22 reckon that there bikes are among the best constructed titanium frames available.
No22 Broken Arrow
No22 elaborate, “When a frame is welded, the heat from each weld causes the material to expand and contract, which causes the frame to pull slightly out of alignment. Most builders will weld the entire frame, and then take it to the alignment table where big corrections are made by bending the frame with a press or bar until it is straight. In contrast, at No. 22 we align the frame after each set of welds, with a total of seven trips to the alignment table for every frame with minor corrections made each time. The result is that our frames are straighter and stronger than our competitors, as they haven’t been cold-worked after welding by big alignment corrections.”
No22 Broken Arrow
With a tidy finishing build that includes SRAM Force CX1 and Rolf wheels in the photos above, it certainly looks good from here…
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