Crud Roadracer Mk2

Crud Roadracer Mk2


Crud Roadracer Mk2 mudguards


20th November 2012


The original Roadracer mudguard from Crud was a popular bit of kit, being developed specifically to appeal to image and weight conscious road racers, many of whom had traditionally spurned mudguards. The Crud Roadracer Mk 2 improves upon that original design after feedback from those users of the original.


The main difference is that Crud have added longer tail pieces for the rear mudguard to give even better protection from the worst that the roads can throw up at you and have beefed the mudguard up in key areas to make it even more resilient.


Crud Roadracer MK2


The Crud Roadracer Mk2 weighs just 180g and the secret to its success is that it is designed to float above the wheels rather than be rigidly attached as with traditional mudguards. It deals with road chatter with clever brushes and doesn’t rattle about, as there is simply nothing to rattle about.


The Crud Roadracer Mk2 is very straightforwardly fixed by two stays that do all the work to keep it in a neutral floating position. It truly is a very ingenious, simple design. Take a look at Crud’s instructional videos. We have differing views about mudguards here at, ranging from the “never used them ever”, to the “use Crud Catcher 2’s and love them; they are very easy to fit and remove”.


Fitting the Crud Catcher 2 is a bit more involved than one of the Full Windsor or AssSavers ‘mudguards’ we looked at previously but this is a much more substantial mudguard, offering both front and rear protection; and its a substantial amount of protection to boot. Crud are based in North Yorkshire after all where they know a thing or two about crap weather.


Crud Catcher 2 Box Contents


If you have a dedicated winter or a training bike, or just a single race bike that you have to use over winter as well, then these make sense. The box depicts none other than legend of British road racing, Dean Downing sporting a pair on his race bike, so if they work for Dean they should be good for all of us.


The nice people at Crud also provide a full spares service, so you’ll be able to keep your ‘guards in tip-top condition, no matter what the weather throws at you.


As you can see from the photo we just unboxed a new set and we will be fitting that pair to one of our winter bikes soon, so watch this space to see how we get on…


If you are wondering as to why Crud Roadracer guards are so well thought of then have a look at the video which shows the Crud team testing their products to destruction. From this it appears that you can ride pretty safe in the knowledge that they won’t let you down.



Crud Roadracer Mk2: £21.49


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