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Cyclocross - Tubular vs Clincher Comparison
Monday, March 3rd, 2014


Tubular vs Clincher Comparison


By Tim Granshaw


Tubular vs Clincher Comparison using the Schwalbe Rocket Ron cyclocross tyres


Conversations about tyre tread, thread count, and rubber durometer keep the cyclocross crowd busy through the summer. Favorite manufacturers, tyre combinations, and even which direction a tyre should be mounted are all are discussed in great detail during training rides and pre-season gluing sessions.


Despite all of the heated conversation, one thing never disputed is that tubulars are the best pure performance option for cyclocross racing. But why? Why do World Cup racers have 10-15 sets of wheels ready per race, with 3-4 different tread designs, all in tubular when they could show up with two sets of clinchers and a tyre lever? We mounted a set of Rocket Ron clinchers and glued a set of Rocket Ron tubulars and tested them side by side to find out… Read More >




















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