Zullo Panterai CX

Zullo Panterai CX


Zullo Panterai CX


Words by Rob Allen


A Zullo Panterai CX cyclocross bike has arrived for review


Occasionally it’s a good thing to stretch outside your comfort zone – to try something different. When the Zullo Panterai CX rolled up to my office however, I was struck by just how different a cyclocross bike could be…


zullo panterai
The Zullo Panterai


Versus my everyday CX ride, it could not be more different – it’s steel, not carbon; Campag not SRAM/Shimano; two chainrings rather than one, and most of all cantilever brakes, not discs.


Built by the artisan Italian framebuilder and cyclocross afficianado Tiziano Zullo, whose history includes supplying frames to the legendary TVM road team in the late 80’s and early 90’s, it is certainly a looker and initial rides have confounded our expectations.


Stay tuned for a full review soon on CycleTechReview.com.


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Zullo Website


For more information see the Mosquito Bikes website.


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