Velobici Thermal Over Sock

Velobici Thermal Over Sock


Velobici Thermal Over Sock


Paul Horta-Hopkins


February 2013


Winter training, a time of frozen extremities, or ist it?


After Mark Tearle’s review of the Van-Chilli Jersey we have received a pair of Velobici Thermal Over Socks to test, and just in time, as with the mercury falling and long endurance rides plus evening chaingangs planned, our feet could do with a little help.


As Mark noted, Velobici are a UK based manufacturer, producing quality items with an ‘obsessive attention to detail’. This attention to detail even extends to the packaging. Black crepe paper and VB chainring logo stickers, with a little hint of something red, had me checking the sender’s address; was this a valentine’s present come early?


Velobici packaging


Once past the crepe, the socks are pinned together; no nasty plastic tags here. Sizing is simple – one size fits all – so no worrying over size guides. I’m a Euro 42 and they fit fine with just a little looseness. My partner is a Euro 38 and she was left with some loose material on the top of her foot, but otherwise the fit was fine.


Velobici use a Meryl/Polyester/Lycra mix to create a material they call VB/PRO VR1, which comes with a load of benefits ranging from being stretchy, wicking away moisture, limiting smells and having high levels of UV protection; the latter not really an issue on an average winters day in the UK!


Velobici Thermal Over Socks


The Thermal Over Socks are designed to be worn over your normal sock, but under your shoes. This means they need to be thin enough not to squeeze your feet, yet still keep your extremities warm.


In the past I’ve tried everything from double socks, plastic bags over the shoe and various thermal socks. Currently my sock of choice is an old pair of Sealskinz. Compared to Velobici’s Thermal Over Socks these double layered socks are more than twice the thickness; warm but bulky.


Only time out on the road will tell how the Velobici Thermal Over Socks deal with what’s left of winter’s icy blast. Look out for a full review soon.


Velobici website


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