Shimano R241 Shoes

Shimano R241 Shoes


Shimano R241 Shoes


Words by Jordan Gibbons


Shimano have a great reputation for cycling shoes, particularly among those who like a bit more room in their shoes. The Shimano R241 sit one below the top shoe – the R320 – in Shimano’s road shoe offering and shares a lot of technology with its more expensive sibling, including custom moulding.


As a result Shimano bill these shoes as a ‘custom fit, pro level performance road racing shoe’. They have heat mouldable Custom Fit material in the heel and the insoles, which use ‘anti-bacterium treatment with raised arches’. This means the shoes can be custom fitted to your feet. Inside there is a clever anti-slip heel lining, made from a highly durable fabric knitted with a metal fibre, designed to prevent heel lift. The sole is made from a hollow carbon fibre composite. A micro-adjust buckle and two ‘cuttable’ velcro straps keep everything together and are positioned to prevent discomfort.


The upper is made from supple synthetic, micro-fibre leather and moisture control mesh for ventilation, with holes in the carbon sole allowing further ventilation through the insole. Putting on the shoe at first, it felt a little peculiar after having ridden a pair of Sidis for quite a long time. The front of the foot is broader especially the toe box with a much larger rounded shape; the Shimano a brogue perhaps to Sidi’s Italian slipper… Read More >








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