Canyon VCLS Post 2.0

Canyon VCLS Post 2.0



Canyon VCLS Post 2.0


March 2013


It may seem strange for a company like Canyon, once renowned for producing the stiffest riding bikes, to concentrate on ride comfort; or maybe that renown itself explains their obsession. Canyon believe that by relieving the body of the need to absorb the constant low level shocks a rider gets from the road surface, the energy saved can be used by that rider to propel the bike forward – and with the results they garner at World Tour level, it would be hard to argue with them.


Canyon VCLS Post 2.0
Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 with carbon assembly paste


VCLS stands for Vertical Comfort Lateral Stiffness and is something that many bike companies claim to offer in their frames. However, none have gone so far as to create something quite so innovative as the Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 seatpost which, as well as looking amazing, offers a real comfort advantage to road cyclists and is now available as an aftermarket item no matter your brand of frame.


The Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 is a simple, elegant design that uses two separate pieces of carbon held together at either end, but with the freedom to move in one plane between these two points. And at 220g it’s not much heavier than a standard lightweight seatpost.


Canyon FlipHead seat  mounting
Canyon FlipHead seat mounting


So how does the VCLS Post 2.0 work? Canyon have taken two D shaped carbon and basalt fibre composite tubes which are placed back to back and taper towards the top, forming two leaf springs. This tapering allows the top part of the post to bend front to back and the D profile prevents any unwanted sideways flexing. This control of flex is what is behind Canyon’s VCLS technology that they also use in their frames and forks.


Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 end
The base of the VCLS Post 2.0 showing its D shaped cross-section


The springs are connected at the top by a low maintenance bearing that allows the post to move 20mm while minimising the saddle’s tilt. Saddle tilt is set by sliding the two posts up and down until you have the saddle angle you need then tightening a small recessed bolt at the base of the post; simple.


Unique, innoative Canyon VCLS Post 2.0, showing its slender, flexible construction.
Unique, innovative VCLS Post 2.0, showing its slender, flexible construction


As well as taking the sting out of rough roads, the Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 should leave you feeling fresher and hopefully, faster at the end of a long ride. The work that the seatpost is doing would normally be undertaken by your leg and back muscles. By freeing them from this chore, the theory is that you should have more energy available for pushing the pedals round. We’ll be trying this out and will let you know how we fare.


Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 adjustment bolt
Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 adjustment bolt


The Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 will retail for £214.95 in black/grey or black/white and is available in 27.2mm diameter only. It is fitted as standard to all of Canyon’s ES (Ergospeed) models and comes as an optional extra for every Canyon road bike apart from their Aeroad models.


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