Giro New Road

Giro New Road


Giro New Road


Famous for their helmets and more recently, their shoes, Giro have launched a new clothing range and there’s no lycra.


Let’s get this straight from the start: the Giro New Road range is not an out and out performance clothing line. Rather it’s appealing to a wider range of cyclists, be they roadies, messengers, commuters, tourers or casual riders. Not all of them need or want Lycra cycling kit.

You may wonder at the need for a range of clothing like this; we’re all happy with our tight fitting, functional lycra? What do we care what Joe public thinks of our sweaty, salt encrusted kit? Well, while you’re training or competing it’s not really an issue. You wear the right clothing for the job when performance is the main factor and that means Lycra. However, not every ride is a race or training session. There are times when you need to look a little like the rest of society, whether that’s commuting to work, short rides around town, a family ride or touring.


New Road is designed to be worn as a complete system, with details such as back pockets on the bib-shorts perfectly aligned to zips on the jerseys. Also, a first as far as we’re aware, the bib-shorts come with a fly to allow for ‘easier nature breaks’. Styling is more early black and white photos than modern fluoro athletic, something we think looks good on the bike and is just right for a short ride followed by a cafe stop.


The main material for Giro New Road is Merino wool, long touted as the original sports fabric. It’s many attributes include: breathability, natural elasticity, a super soft feel and of course it’s well known odour busting abilities, something your co-riders or co-workers will appreciate. The Giro New Road range includes: 2 types of short, bib undershorts, base layers, T-shirts, shirts, jersey, a gilet and waterproof jacket. In essence pretty much everything for 3-season cycling.


Look out for a relaxed review in the near future. After you’ve seen the range take a look at Giro’s promotional videos, which explain the thinking that went into it…(continued on page 2)>



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