The Disc Brake Revolution

The Disc Brake Revolution


The Disc Brake Revolution


Words by Mark Tearle


Whether you’re a hardcore traditionalist or a gung-ho early adopter, you will acknowledge that the tide of disc brake specific cyclocross and road bikes has started to turn; that steady tide is now a huge swell just off the beach.


But enough of the mixed metaphors. I have a conundrum: the mechanical Avid BB7’s on my cross bike need replacing and with the advancement of technology the choice is incredible. Mechanical, semi-mechanical/hydraulic or fully hydraulic, there’s plenty out there to meet all your disc brake needs. Each have their pros and cons depending on your preference and indeed your budget; the two may not be synonymous. Complete, off the shelf, cyclocross and road bikes will arrive with a system to match the right price point, but how do you make an informed choice if you need to replace or upgrade your braking system?


Hence, my problem with the replacement disc braking system on my ‘cross bike. Currently I run Avid BB7’s which are cable (read mechanical) actuated, single pivot calipers managed through the Shimano 105 levers, though the BB7’s work equally well with other traditional cable levers from SRAM and Campagnolo too. I could replace the old Avid BB7’s for new BB7’s of course but, as my budget allows it, I think it would be better to future proof and upgrade.


So with that in mind here is a précis of what is available in what will be the first of a couple of seamless pieces with the spotlight on disc brake systems, and then disc brake specific wheelsets and disc equipped bikes for both road and cyclocross to follow. The disc brake revolution is not just on its way, its here already… Read More >



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