Sabbath Cycles

Sabbath Cycles


Sabbath Cycles


A British company producing stand out titanium bikes. They may be called Sabbath Cycles but they’re not just for the weekend…


Founded in 2006 with a team that boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the cycle industry, Sabbath believe in a ‘human centered’ approach to design; that the bike should be designed around you and your style of riding, rather than what the pros are riding, or fleeting fashions.


Sabbath do all their design work at their base in Macclesfield, then have the frames produced in Asia. Once the frames are returned to Sabbath they have to pass a Quality Assurance programme which includes tapping, reaming and facing the frame and then passing a rigorous 15-point quality passport test.


Sabbath only make titanium bikes and only titanium road bikes at that. Titanium; what’s not to like about it? It is twice as strong as aluminium and 45% lighter than steel. Titanium is ductile, deforming slightly under impacts, a characteristic responsible for the famed ride quality which is perfectly suited to potholed UK roads. It also means it has excellent fatigue and crack resistance. It will not rust or corrode, so no paint finish is needed. Scratches can be polished out. Oh and it was discovered in Cornwall, by an English clergyman. More tea vicar?


Sabbath Cycles have six bikes in their range, all using 3AL/2.5V tubing in various forms, from straight plain gauge to bi-ovalised butted. All Sabbath Cycles are available with custom fit as an option. We take a brief look at their current range…(continued on page 2)>


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