Fulcrum Racing 5 CX Review

Fulcrum Racing 5 CX Review


Fulcrum Racing 5 CX

Cyclo-cross is riding the crest of a wave at the moment and with this new found popular resurgence comes a host of products aimed at the privateer cyclo-cross racer. Most serious cyclo-cross racers are on tubs but a few companies like Fulcrum realise that this is an unrealistically expensive option for many amateur ‘cross racers.


Fulcrum offer three cyclo-cross specific, clincher wheelsets in their range but is there a place for the cyclo-cross specific clincher wheel? CycleTechReview.com sent former pro, Tim Granshaw, a very experienced cyclo-cross racer, to take a look at the Fulcrum Racing 5 CX wheels and find out…(continued on page 2) >


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