Fulcrum Racing 5 CX Review

Fulcrum Racing 5 CX Review


wheelset tracked and accelerated extremely well. The combination of impressively high spoke tension, beefy hubs, and burly steel axles ensure quick response and solid tracking through the corners.


I found the wheels confidence inspiring whilst weaving through deer, dodging pedestrians, and squeezing into the impossibly small gaps afforded by angry 50 somethings in their luxury autos cutting through the park on the way to work. Hammering along the flat, carving through the downhills, and sprinting out of the corners, all great!


Added to that, the wheels are quite attractive: the white hubs are contrasted with bladed black spokes, a dark anodized rim, and sharp red and white decals. Definitely the look of a wheel a few hundred pounds more costly.


There must be a downside to this attractively-priced, well built, great handling wheelset?


Unfortunately, yes, there are a couple of things.


The alloy spoke nipples, steel freehub body, and durable hub and rim design all equate to a heavier wheel than is ideal for a first choice road or cyclo-cross racing wheel. Although the tight spoke tension


Fulcrum Racing 5 CXs ready for action.


and proprietary lacing help the wheel feel lighter than it really is, the wheel averages 100+ grams more for the set than wheels that retail for just £100 more.


That said the claimed wheel weight of 1760 grams compares well to competitors at the price point.


Shimano’s deeper RS30 is quite a bit heavier at 1916 grams while the Ritchey Pro Zeta set is marginally lighter at 1720 grams.


The second area of concern is the


Fulcrum Racing 5 CX


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