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Charge Bikes Custom Saddle


Charge Bikes Custom Saddle Builder


10th December 2012


“Custom colour saddle, sir? Then step this way.” But no further than to the Charge Bikes website…


Those nice chaps at Charge Bikes have come up with a neat little way to personalise your riding experience: custom coloured saddles.


Taking their Spoon model (all Charge Bikes saddles have a culinary nomenclature, even the ‘Bucket’, sort of) as the basis of your design, you can specify the colour of stitching, bumpers, logo…pretty much everything.


As well as choosing the colours, you get to choose steel or titanium rails, a real leather upper or a standard material one, and so on. You do however, only get one model to customise, the aforementioned Spoon, so perhaps you may want to check the feel before starting on your pièce de résistance?


The weight is 258g, so it’s not super-lightweight but it’s acceptable for racing. Anyway if you are like us, then with saddles, shape and comfort often comes before weight and Charge claim a “supportive shape and pressure relief channel” for the Spoon. Sounds good.


Charge custom saddle
Spoon in Handsling Publishing’s team colours; now you have a go.


OK, so a lime green saddle with purple stitching isn’t going to make a big difference to your performance, but when you’ve got your perfect bike, surely it’s worth a little extra to get it just so?


Prices vary between £69.99 and £119.99, which for a one off item doesn’t seem too bad. If you are interested? Then head over to Charge Bikes website and get creating!


Even if you have no intention of buying a saddle, we bet you will find it impossible not to create at least one!

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