Felt Z and ZW Series Bikes

Felt Z and ZW Series Bikes


Felt Z Series Bikes


Posted 9th October 2012


This video looks at the 2013 Felt Z and ZW bikes. Ever since we tested the Trek Domane at its launch, we’ve been thinking and talking a lot about the ‘comfort’ bike category here on CycleTechReview.com.


Its the perfect category of bike for tackling Paris-Roubaix, Flanders or the Strade Bianchi if you are a pro, but those same engineered-in features that make these bikes compliant over cobbles or rough ‘road’ surfaces also make them ideal machines for the everyday cyclist who tackles long training rides, sportives and the occasional road race.


If you asked cyclists to think of bikes within this category most people would comeback with Specialized Roubaix, maybe the Cannondale Synapse, a few more would mention the Domane, and then you’d no doubt be stuck. How many of you would have included the Felt Z series?


That’s why this video about the Felt Z and the women’s specific ZW series bikes caught our attention. During the video you can see just how much the seat post and even top tube of the Felt Z series bikes can flex in the vertical plane, which is a surprising amount. As with other manufacturers, Felt claim that these frames are laterally very stiff, however.


At first glance this sort of set-up places the Felt Z in direct competition to the Trek Domane and the Specialized Roubaix, though obviously its impossible for us to verify that without a full test, but the bikes certainly look to be impressive, and importantly are race proven.


Like the Cannondale, the comfort is engineered in a different way to the two big US manufacturers. There are no couplings, no dampers – its all just clever carbon lay-up.



Felt UK (Saddleback)

Felt US

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