DMT KR0 customisation

How do you improve on a super lighweight racing shoe like the DMT KR0? Why you let people design their own!

I saw this beautiful shoe at the Cycle Show in London and was blown away by how light it was. That plus its knitted structure and stiff sole have led to it being adopted by many a WorldTour rider. One of those is Elia Viviani of Ineos Grenadiers, he’s moved from the KR1 to the KR0 and says it’s “the lightest, best fitting and most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.” And if there’s one thing sponsored pro riders know, it’s how important comfortable shoes are. And the secret to the DMT KR0 being so comfortable is its Engineered Knit technology.

The DMT KR0 shoe comes in four colours, unless you want to change it!
The DMT KR0 shoe comes in four colours, unless you want to change it!

DMT’s Engineered Knit technology is used to create a one piece upper that is supportive, lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. The thickness and type of knit varies depending on what is needed in particular areas. That one piece design means no seams to rub or chafe, it moulds to conform to your foot shape.

Fastening is dealt with by twin BOA Li2 dials, these act independently to pull the KR0 together, allowing you to adjust the fit. Grippers in the heel help reduce heel-lift when pulling hard on the pedals. And the lightweight Aerated carbon SL Outsole transfers all your power into the pedals. So there you go, the DMT KR0, it’s a super-shoe! How could you make it better?

What are the colour options?

Well it comes in four colours, white, black, grey and coral and a special Giro D’Italia design. But what if you could make your own design? Well now you can, head over to the KR0 page on the DMT website, there you’ll find a tab that allows you to customise your shoes.

Once you’re in the customisation panel you can start to play around with colour. DMT have split the shoe into eight parts that you can alter the colour of. Here you can happily play around, changing the look and spinning it around in 3D. What better way to spend a slow Friday afternoon, maybe with the Giro on in the background? Just don’t let your boss see!

How much will it cost?

Of course producing a one-off design of a shoe is not a cheap option. It will add an extra £80 (at the time of writing) to the cost of what is DMT’s top of the range road shoe. But, if you absolutely must have a standout, one-off shoe: then why not?


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