P ZERO Race 4S TLR a tubeless all-season race tyre

The P ZERO Race 4S TLR, a tubeless version of their previous all weather race tyre the P ZERO Race 4S.

I’m currently testing the non-tubeless version of the P ZERO Race 4S TLR and have been impressed with its performance: its only downside? It’s not tubeless compatible. For some that’s not an issue, however I’ve fully converted to tubeless and wanted that option. Thankfully Pirelli have come through and added they’ve changed some of the original recipe.

P ZERO Race 4S TLR label

Both the carcass and tyre compound have been changed on this new tyre. The first change is to the tyre’s compound and its grip. The all-condition grip comes from Pirelli’s SmartNET Silica compound. The silica-based molecules used in SmartNET differ from other silica molecules. These molecules have an elongated “stick” form that gives it a natural affinity for water and low temperatures. This is what gives the compound improved grip in cold, wet conditions and replaces the SmartEVO compound on the non-tubeless version.

The second change is to the 120tpi nylon carcass. This is now reinforced internally with Pirelli’s SPEEDCORE technology. Because this layer has aramid particulates added to it, it has improved rolling resistance and increased puncture protection. There is also an aramid breaker layer between the carcass and the SPEEDCORE layer: increasing puncture resistance even more. And yet Pirelli say it still remains a supple race tyre. This new patent-pending technology is only to be found in the P Zero range.

SPEEDCORE carcass construction

Pirelli say the P ZERO Race 4S TLR is aimed at those that “want a high-performing tyre, for competitions or training”. They also go on to say that this makes it the perfect choice for those that want that “racing” feeling typical of the Pirelli “Race” family.” And because its part of P Zero range, it’s made in Pirelli’s renovated Milano-Bollate factory.

The Milano-Bollate factory

The Milano-Bollate factor was first opened in 1962 and renovated 2022. It is now the the only factory in Italy producing tyres on an industrial scale.

All this makes this new addition to the P Zero range sound like a perfect all year tyre. Available in 28-622, 30-622 widths and soon in 32-622. Suggested retail prices in the UK are:

28-622:    £ 78,99          

30-622:    £ 79,99           

32-622:    £ 80,99           

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