P Zero Race 4S a tyre for all seasons?

P Zero Race 4S a tyre for all seasons?

The P Zero Race 4S is the successor to the P Zero Velo 4S, Pirelli claim to have improved its performance and longevity.

Using experience gained in the world of motorsport, Pirelli have produced a new tyre compound called SmartEVO. This uses three different polymers that combine to provide better grip and rolling resistance in the wet. The tread is also slightly thicker, to improve on it’s lifespan. This SmartEVO polymer is only found in Pirelli’s P Zero range of tyres.

Pirelli P Zero Race 4S
Cutaway showing the construction of the Pirelli P Zero Race 4S

The P Zero Race 4S has a TechBELT carcass. This is a 120tpi casing with an extra nylon layer under the centre of the tread. Hopefully that will help keep anything sharp from penetrating too far. This layer combined with the thicker tread is your main protection against punctures. TechBELT is, again, only available on the P Zero range of tyres.

I received a pair of the P Zero Race 4S tyres at the end of our spring here in the UK; so the rain could fall at any time! The tyres come in a nice presentation box, with a colour coordinated wrist band in each; a nice touch. But I will not be swayed by a bit of cycling jewellery.

Pirelli P Zero Race 4S details

Pirelli have produced them in two sizes, 26 and 28mm. Weights are 240 and 260 grammes respectively, I have the 26mm version. As an all-season tyre I would liked to have tried the 28mm, a fatter tyre gives a nicer ride on rough surfaces and the extra surface area would help on wet roads.

Details from the Pirelli website

The P Zero Race 4S is not a tubeless tyre, which I was surprised by. Many riders are more than happy to stick with inner-tubes, so this will please them. However the tubeless revolution has swept me up in it’s inexorable tide and now all my wheels are tubeless. The carcass does look very similar to a tubeless tyre and I’m tempted to try running them tubeless. But don’t worry Pirelli have tubeless race tyres in their range.

Speaking of the carcass, it has a supple feel to it and the tread is reassuringly tacky. It will be interesting to see how the grip/wear balance works on this tyre; super grippy tyres tend not to have long lives. Pirelli have moulded wear indicators just off the centre line of the tyre, so you’ll know when it’s time to change them.

I’ll be trying them out over the coming months as my training/commuting tyres. There should be enough variety of weather and road surfaces there to get a good feel for them. In the meantime head over to Pirelli’s website for more information.

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