Ekoi Helmet and Shoes Preview

We are looking at the AR14 helmet and XCR4 gravel shoes from Ekoi

Ekoi are well known in Europe and have always had a presence in the pro-peloton. Starting off originally in Roubaix as a traditional high street brand in 2001, they moved online in 2008. That move to the internet was so successful that they became online only in 2010. They’ve always used their contracts with pro cyclists to help develop their products as well as for publicity. Watch a World Tour race and you’ll see their products being worn by many teams.

We’ve reviewed a lot of Ekoi products and I’m always impressed with their quality and pricing. Speaking of pricing, it’s always worth keeping an eye on their site as they often have flash sales and discounts, which make their products very attractive!

We are currently reviewing the Ekoi AR14 helmet and XCR4 gravel shoes. The AR14 is being used by Israel Premier Tech, Arkea Samsic, Lotto Soudal, Cofidis and Euskatel Euskadi. Billed as an aero helmet for sprinters, it soon became popular amongst the other riders. The shape was developed say Ekoi after wind tunnel testing to make a faster, lighter helmet.

The XCR4 gravel shoes look to be a no-nonsense pair of shoes that will cope with the rigours of gravel riding. Are they gravel shoes though? What makes them gravel rather than Mtb shoes? With gravel and Mtb covering such a wide range of rider types, I’m not sure there is one shoe that will please everybody, from the bikepacker to the racer.

Take a look at the preview video below to get a little look at the Ekoi products we are currently reviewing.

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