‘Hi Flow’ Tubeless Valves – the end of Presta?

‘Hi Flow’ Tubeless Valves – the end of Presta?

76 Project’s ‘Hi Flow’ Tubeless Valves are specifically designed to work with tubeless systems.

A chance encounter with 76 Projects at the Kings Cup gravel race could be a real revolution. Their ‘Hi Flow’ HV valves are a re-design of the Presta valve and are designed specifically to work with tubeless set-ups. The Presta valve has been around for a long time and has been just fine; until tubeless came along.

the ‘Hi Flow’ tubeless valve

The thing with getting a tubeless tyre to inflate is that initial whoosh of air that seats the tyre. Because of the small internal diameter and the valve itself, Presta presents a few issues. First up that valve, I normally remove it to ensure I get as much air in, as quickly as possible. Of course you’ll be using a booster pump or compressor. And once the air is in and the tyre seated, you then have to get the valve back in without letting the air out. I found the best way round this little niggle was to use a Milkit valve.

Once the tyre is up and full of sealant the Presta valve presents another problem, sealant blockage. The clearances in a Presta valve are smaller than the holes that sealant is supposed to block, so it’s no surprise that the valves get clogged. If you’re running a tubeless setup for cyclocross and are constantly changing your pressures, a blocked or slow valve is a real pain.

Time for something new?

Which is why 76 Projects decided it was time for something new. They’ve designed a new valve that will still fit a Presta sized hole, but with a claimed 300% increase in air over Presta. The ‘Hi Flow’ HV Tubeless Valve also allows you to add sealant straight through the valve and the increased clearances prevent sealant build up.

The ‘Hi Flow’ HV Tubeless Valve comes with spacers to allow you to fine tune the fit and is compatible with rim inserts. They’re only available in one length at the moment – for 25-54mm rims – but other sizes are on the way. CNC manufactured from aluminium, they weigh 9 grammes a pair and have removable cores.

I fitted the pair I bought and BAM! Well actually more a poof! I was able to seat a pair of Schwalbe X-One tyres to some Mavic Open Pro UST rims using just a track pump. And it was easy, just a few strokes and up they went. So, so far the ‘Hi Flow’ valve has impressed. They went up easy, they stayed sealed, no leaking around the valve, I’m happy. I’ll keep them on for a month or two, take them racing, swap them around. And then I’ll let you know how they fare.

If you can’t wait for the full review and want some of 76 Projects’ ‘Hi Flow’ tubeless valves, head to their website.

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