Eurosport Active Skin

Eurosport Active Skin

New Skincare Range from Eurosport

Eurosport is a diverse global brand. They’ve spent two years formulating a new skin care range. The Eurosport Active Skin products are made in the UK with natural ingredients.

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Active Skin Products

If you’ve already stopped reading because you think ‘skin care products’ aren’t for you, then lets start at chamois cream. A lot of us use chamois cream so we don’t get chafing and saddle sores. It’s a skincare product. Training is good, but it can take a toll on your skin. So you need to look after it.

The Eurosport Active Skin product range covers three main categories. The Shower category, with yellow writing on the packaging contains a body wash, shampoo bar, deodorant and the interestingly named No Hands Muscle Release. The latter is described as a ‘massage in a bottle’, which contains Magnesium to help relax muscles after exercise.

The Skin category, with a cyan coloured writing on the product, contains a cleanser, a moisturiser, an eye cream and a detoxing and exfoliating mask. The overriding message of this product range being that the skin is our largest organ (there’s over 3.5kg of skin on the average body), so we should take care of it.

Lastly, and most importantly. And not to mention the most relevant to this particular website, the Sport category. With a reddish coloured writing, the sport specific products are a barrier balm, chamois cream, embrocation and a muscle easing rub.

The 12 products in the Active Skin range combine expert knowledge and experience of sport, with state of the art skincare development and modern active ingredients. I’ve been sent 5 of these products to test out, listed below. I’ll be trying them out in the coming weeks.

Eurosport Active Skin
L to R: Multi-Tasking Moisturiser 75ml, Vitamin C Cleansing Gel 150ml, Conditioning Shampoo Bar 50g, Nether Regions Chamois Cream 150ml and Mineral Ice Muscle Ease 150ml.

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