Ride Skincare Preview

Ride Skincare Preview


Ride Skincare Preview


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Riding your bike in the great outdoors, nothing can beat the feel of the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. But spending long periods outdoors also means exposing yourself to the elements and that can take a toll on your skin. Ride Skincare is a skincare brand now on Kickstarter, designed for outdoor sports, using 100% natural materials.


Ride Skincare, looking after your skin
Ride Skincare, looking after your skin


Ride Skincare has two products that have been developed, tested, and are ready to go into production. They are hoping to raise £7000 on Kickstarter to start production and distribution. Ride Skincare have spent two years developing their products before launching their Kickstarter project on the 24th October. Ride Skincare have tried to keep packaging to a minimum and to keep their manufacturing UK based, to cut down on their CO2 footprint.


Ride Protect is a SPF30 sunscreen that uses a mineral, titanium dioxide, as its active sun protection. Titanium dioxide is often used in sun creams for people with sensitive skin, and children. The mineral based formula sits on top of the skin instead of being absorbed. This creates an instant sun barrier against UVA and UVB rays. This also makes the product ideal for protection against wind burn, and stops rain and salt water from drying your skin out, with the added help of jojoba and coconut oils. The product is also very water-resistant, and has gone through some extensive real world testing. This water resistance will also mean less reapplication stops, as it won’t be ‘washed away’ by heavy sweating.


Ride Recover is a 100% natural moisturiser. With Aloe Vera and high grade olive and peppermint oils, the Recover moisturiser rehydrates and replenishes damaged skin and can be used daily and after a ride. The man behind the brand, Tom Marshall, has made sure that the ingredients in his products are natural and organic instead of an unrecognisable list of chemicals that have been produced in a laboratory. Once the Kickstarter has allowed the company to produce these two products they plan on adding a high factor sunscreen, aftersun, and even a deodorant and body wash in the future.


Check back for an in-depth review once we get some to test.


Ride Skincare


Ride Skincare Kickstarter


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