CRAFT Hybrid Weather Glove

CRAFT Hybrid Weather Glove


CRAFT Hybrid Weather Glove


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The CRAFT Hybrid Weather Glove for early starts and will it or won’t it days…


It’s fair to say that deciding what to wear at this time of year is tricky. Cold starts that see you donning winter gear can soon become sweat-fests as you overheat after an hour or so of effort. Any product that can help solve that conundrum is well received here at CTR and one such product is the Craft Hybrid Weather Glove.


CRAFT Hybrid Weather Glove
CRAFT Hybrid Weather Glove

Craft’s marketing claims that “It is warm, it is smooth, it is protective and ready for the touch”, which pretty much sums up what it’s all about.
CRAFT’s Hybrid Weather Glove features a smart 2-in-1 construction designed to keep cold, wind and water out, and you hands warm and dry inside.
The ‘Hybrid’ bit of the name is from its ability to easily convert into a mitten complete with a wind and waterproof shield offering full protection from the early morning cold and damp. You just pull up the integrated wind and waterproof, lightweight cover over your fingers. When it gets too warm, simply tuck it away again. Simples. Its made of highly elastic Polyester fabric.

The Hybrid Weather Glove should provide comfort on cold days and the reflective print promises improved visibility in low-light conditions.

Importantly for all you Strava addicts at this time of year, you don’t have to take them off for smartphone use since thumb and index finger are touch-screen compatible. Silicone grippers also provide plenty of grip on your handle bars.


Look out for the full review soon.


Craft Hybrid Weather Glove


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