Handsling Track Frames

Two new Handsling track frames, the TR2evoS and TR2evoP, are ready to grace the boards.

Track racing and track bikes are probably the purest form of cycling you can get. With only one, fixed gear and no free-wheel or brakes, there aren’t many distractions – which is just as well as bunch racing on the track is fast and furious. These two new UCI-approved Handsling track frames, the TR2evoS and TR2evoP, are designed to deliver race-winning performances in two very different, disciplines – the sprint and the pursuit.

While track bikes, with their lack of gears and brakes, are simple compared to road bikes there’s still room for specialisation. Events on the track can be split into endurance and sprint events. The first might include events like the pursuit, with riders riding either on their own, or as a team. While speeds are high, they tend to be consistent and aerodynamics are a vital part of these events, for both rider and bike.

From concept to velodrome

The TR2evo concept was first created in 2018/19 by Handsling’s founder, Simon Whiten, and Handsling’s engineer. However, the infant Handsling company did not have the budget to take the new design into full production. “We created the TR2evo design from a frame we had at the time, the TR2. This had a very cool dropped headtube and bespoke stem that was always a major talking point. A sprint coach from British Cycling used to visit our workshop at the time and always commented that we needed to manufacture even stiffer frames. So we emphasised stiffness with the TR2evo – hence the chunky tube profiles – integrated into an aerodynamic package.”

New Handsling TR2evoS track frame
New Handsling TR2evoS track frame

“Despite an initial production run, we ran out of cash due to the huge cost of developing the A1R0evo road frame, which happened at the same time. This meant we had to let the TR2evo go temporarily… However, my engineer, having done all the hard work, wanted to capitalise on it, and that lead to the TR3evo, which we saw as a frame with wider appeal. It is basically a TR2evo with a normal headtube. In 2021, with the growth of the Handsling brand, I started making plans to get the design back in-house, albeit with some major amendments to bring it up to date.”

designed to be able to handle 2500 watts“!

“While before we had one TR2evo to do everything, we decided to produce two versions: one for pursuit, with normal carbon lay-up similar to the TR3evo’s, and another for sprint, with a very special carbon lay-up. The latter is designed to be able to handle 2500 watts.”

“No other brand has really offered anything so specialist, at such a non-specialist price. A top sprint frame can cost ridiculous money. We won’t even mention the top pursuit frames used by certain national federations. You either need to be a sponsored rider on the national team or have very, very deep pockets to buy into that world. Handsling is offering a mass market pursuit and a mass market sprint bike.”


Handsling says the TR2evoP – the P is for Pursuit – has an “aero optimised front profile and tube shapes“, combined with aero forks and seat-post. The T700 carbon-fibre used is moulded using internal EPS moulding techniques for optimum carbon compaction.

The new Handsling TR2evoP track frame
The new Handsling TR2evoP track frame

Handsling state that the frame is “optimised for aerodynamic performance and exceptional power transfer, with a bespoke carbon cockpit“. That bespoke cockpit is fully adjustable and is another item unique to Handsling. The carbon base-bar and extensions can be adjusted to get you into a PR-busting position. It’s not just about aerodynamics on the track though.

While Pursuit events may be less aggressive than their sprint counter-parts, you still need to get the power down. So while the frame has to be aero, it is also stiff. Handsling achieve this by designing their frame with a stiff fork, reinforced BSA bottom-bracket and huge chainstays. This ensures that your effort goes into propelling your bike forward when powering away from the starting blocks.


While on the face of it, almost identical to the P version, the TR2evoS is meant for the hurly-burly of keiren racing and nail-biting match sprint action. While the two frames share a similar design, it’s the carbon lay-up that is very different. The TR2evoS has extra layers of T700 carbon-fibre, one of the toughest, most durable carbons on the market. The TR2evoS needs to be built tough to deal with the immense power track sprinters put down when competing. It’s not just racing either. Track frames need to cope with the knocks of travelling to and from races and the inevitable crashes. These Handsling track frames are subjected to rigorous testing procedures that surpass ISO standards. So you can relax – maybe not mid-sprint – knowing that your bike is built to last.

Futuristic sprint bars on the TR2evoS track frame
Futuristic sprint bars on the TR2evoS track frame

The TR2evoS frame is designed to provide a precise and stable platform on which to launch that race-winning sprint. Up front a beefy, bespoke, one-piece, shallow drop, carbon sprint handlebar looks both purposeful and futuristic. This has been engineered to handle the massive twisting forces that sprinters put through the bars.

Racing heritage

Handsling are proud of their racing heritage; the brand was born from a race-team that wanted to make their own bikes. For Handsling the desire to race never wanes, and this has led them to sponsor riders of all types. Amongst these are national champions from Italy, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the UK, the USA, Israel, South Africa, Czechia, Poland, Spain. They also sponsor a US based pro team, which is very much track focused. On the road they support a UK based Women’s Continental team and a junior development squad. There are also top triathletes, such as Barclay Izzard, Jack Willis, Ellie White and Simon Davies. While a few of the track riders ride the pursuit, there is currently no track sprinter, so will they be adding a sprinter to this line-up?

Both of these new Handsling track frames are available to pre-order now with stock expected to arrive in January 2024. As soon as we can get a hold of one of these track frames, we’ll let you know how they ride.

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