Alé VELOCITY G+ Jersey Preview

Alé VELOCITY G+ Jersey Preview

Summer is here and I have a date with the CX Century gravel ride, which will be just right for the Alé VELOCITY G+ jersey. The VELOCITY G+ range from Alé is a new collection which uses Graphene in its fabric.

You’ve probably heard of Graphene, the new wonder material with the thickness of one atom, the mechanical resistance of diamond and the flexibility of a plastic. Graphene is also highly pure, non-toxic, plentiful and safe. It’s a material that has so many uses and Alé have added it to their fabric to improve temperature regulation.

VELOCITY G+ colours
The VELOCITY G+ jersey comes in three colours

As well as the VELOCITY G+ jersey the range includes the G+ DWR jacket and VELOCITY HD shorts. Alé have concentrated on heat management and aerodynamics with these items – so safe to say we’re looking at going fast and not overheating.

The VELOCITY G+ jersey uses Alé’s CORE G+ technology.

According to Alé CORE G+ “was able to effectively equalise body temperature, creating the ideal microclimate to keep cyclists comfortable even in the most unpleasant weather conditions“.

VELOCITY G+ jersey
The VELOCITY G+ jersey has a race fit

This will be a real boon to me on the CX Century, which always seems to fall on the hottest day of the year. I’ve had to pull out twice suffering from heat exhaustion and this year’s forecast is for 29 degrees. So hopefully the Alé VELOCITY G+ jersey will save me from that this year.

As well as temperature management the VELOCITY G+ jersey has some serious aero tech in its fabric. The sleeves are made from Clima Aero, a soft, thin, stretchy fabric whose textured surface replicates the aerodynamics of a golf ball. These type of fabrics are being used in the pro peloton and caused some controversy at the Tour de France when Chris Froome used something similar.

VELOCITY G+ jersey sleeves
The sleeves on the VELOCITY G+ jersey have been designed for cyclists arms!

The Clima Aero fabric apparently creates “considerably less drag“.

As well as being aero and cool, the VELOCITY G+ uses body-mapping technology to produce a figure hugging ‘race fit’. Which means you’ll want to keep an eye on the scales! The sleeves are cut longer than normal and look like they are made for cyclists biceps.

Round the back are three pockets and a fourth, zipped one. Alé say the pockets are spacious and durable. Hopefully this means I should be able to stuff them to the brim, without worrying about ripping them.

The VELOCITY G+ pockets
The VELOCITY G+ has three open pockets and a fourth zipped one for security

Keep an eye out for my Alé VELOCITY G+ jersey review soon. In the meantime if you’re looking ahead to cooler weather, take a look at our review of the Alé autumn range from 2019. And if you fancy riding the CX Century, click the link. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the shorts and jacket in for review later in the year. If I do I’ll let you know.

VELOCITY G+ jersey

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