Updated Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor

Updated Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor

I get asked all the time what heart rate monitor I recommend. Training with heart rate is effective and it’s got a low barrier to entry. All you need is a good heart rate monitor and the Wahoo Tickr is the best there is. It’s the only heart rate option I’ve ever recommended and the only one I’ve used for years. Today there’s an updated version.

The main advantage of the Wahoo Tickr was it’s dual broadcasting of Bluetooth and ANT. If you ever manage to kill the battery on your cycling head unit it’s a simple matter to open your favorite app on your phone. With a GPS signal and heart rate tracking you’ll have plenty of info to track the remainder of the ride. Since most phones can’t use ANT it’s important your heart rate monitor dual broadcasts.

Using a heart rate monitor that broadcasts on both ANT and Bluetooth means you can connect to a phone as easily as a cycling computer.

I say was only because at this point Garmin heart rate straps also dual broadcast. The Wahoo Tickr is still what I recommend though. At $49.99 Wahoo is bit cheaper and the status lights are valuable if you ever need to troubleshoot the connection.

The updated version isn’t overly remarkable. The new pod is a bit narrower and Wahoo has made a small change to the shape of the strap where it connects. The status lights have moved so they are easier to see with the strap on your chest and the graphics have been updated. In terms of more functional updates the battery life has been extended from 350 hours to 500 hours and it’s now possible to simultaneously pair up to three Bluetooth devices, in addition to ANT+ connections.

comparison of Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor V1 to V2.
A small update has been made where the strap connects to the pod.

Nothing groundbreaking here but there didn’t need to be. The Wahoo Tickr was the best heart rate monitor available and it still is. Wahoo has made a few small changes and the price is the same. If you are thinking about getting serious with your training this is the place to start.

Purchase the Updated Wahoo Tickr direct from Wahoo.
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