Block Lights Preview

Block Lights Preview

Block Lights Preview.

Block Lights from Sweden, where winter nights are long, know a thing or two about being seen.

Front and rear Block Lights
The Block Lights, front and rear

We have a set of Block Lights coming from Bookman in Sweden. Bookman are a Swedish brand that started up in 2011. Before that Bookman’s founders, David Axelsson and Victor Kabo, were studying industrial engineering and management at Linköping University.

After realising that, like a lot of their fellow students, they were riding around without any lights, they set up a local traffic safety campaign called Studentlyset (the Student’s Light). This involved handling out free lights and eventually became a nationwide project.

Fast forward and Bookman are producing a range of three lights and other visibility products for cyclists. These include the 220 Lumen Curve, the clip-on Eclipse and the 50 Lumen Block Lights we’ll be testing.

According to Bookman the “Block Light is a strong, compact, rechargeable bicycle light.” Which is what you need for a reliable commuting light. Strong because you’ll probably be taking it on and off the bike and stuffing it in your backpack. Compact, because you don’t need another huge lump taking up space on your handlebars or in your backpack. And rechargeable, because who needs to be hunting around for that rechargeable battery just before you leave the house?

Bookman say the Block Light uses the latest LEDs and Lithium ION batteries. It has four different light modes to grab the attention of other road users. And measuring only 35x23x14 mm, means it won’t take up much space on your bike. So you can stay visible on your evening training rides.

Runtime is up to 25 hours when on its lowest (14 Lumen) blink setting. There are four different settings, with the shortest being 1.5 hours when on 100% brightness, with no blinking. Recharging the battery from flat will only take 2.5 hours.

100% Steady501.5
100% Blinking503
25% Steady 145
25% Blinking1425

We’ll be trying the Block Lights over the next few months and will let you know how we get on. In the meantime check out some of our other articles about lights and safety gear.


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