Pamu Scroll Wireless Headphone Review

In our opinion wearing earphones while you’re riding your bike is not a good idea. However in the safety of your pain-cave, they make a lot of sense, anything to make the time go faster. We tried out the Pamu Scroll Wireless Headphones to see if they could make the pain go away.

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when riding moves from outside to inside. When I’m outside, I never use headphones, but when I’m inside, they are a necessity. The truth is, though, that I’m really not all that discerning when it comes to headphones. For a long time, I was happy enough with wired headphones and really, the most important thing was that they could withstand the sweat from a hard indoor workout.

As time marched on and my indoor setup got more complex, I eventually needed to move to something wireless. This introduced a few more requirements. I still need something that can’t be killed by sweat, but adding wireless connectivity means a higher price point and a greater desire for more functions. Now that I’m paying more, I no longer want simple headphones that can only be used in a narrow range of use cases.

The headphones I use have to also work with a phone for talking, be easily portable, and the battery life has to be good enough that they aren’t always dead. The Pamu Scroll is a set of truly wireless headphones with a charging case that is currently raising funds on indiegogo. It’s a product that checks all the boxes and does so at a reasonable price point. As a bonus, they also sound really good and they have a useful suite of touch controls that makes them even easier to live with.

The very first thing that I tested with the Pamu Scroll was pairing. This can be a real pain point with some bluetooth accessories. I can’t say for sure why certain products are constantly losing connection and requiring multiple restarts, but headphones are one of the most frustrating perpetrators of this behavior. I’ve got another pair of wireless headphones that often need to be turned on and off three times before I can get a connection and actually hear sound out of them.

The Pamu Scroll, on the other hand, connected without issue the very first time and I’ve never had an issue since. The right earbud acts as the primary. Just open the case and remove the right earbud and it quickly connects to the phone. If you are looking at the earbud, it will have a red light when it’s removed from the case, and this will turn blue when it’s connected. There is also a tone played upon successful connection. At this point, if you’d like to only use the right earbud, you are done. If you’d like to add the left earbud then remove it from the case, and it will connect with the sound moving from one to both. If you later choose to switch back to only one earbud, just put the left back in the case and audio will move to the right, primary, earbud again. It’s all very seamless and works exactly as expected.

The Pamu Scroll headphones not only do a good job connecting and moving audio between the two earbuds as needed but they also have a host of touch capabilities which make them more useful. Tap the left earbud twice and Siri, or Google assistant, is activated without needing to get your phone out. Other touch functions include a double tap on the right to skip tracks, or decline a phone call, and a single tap on either earbud will pause music that’s playing. It’s a well implemented suite of features that works as expected. This feature is especially useful when I’m working hard on the trainer and a track I don’t much care for comes on.

When you move away from the individual details and look at the Pamu Scroll as a whole you are left with a well designed product that does what it says it will. There’s a ton of competition in this space, but the Pamu Scroll is a credible entry at a pretty good price. If you manage to snag a pair while they are on Indiegogo, at the super early bird pricing, you only pay $39 for a single unit. Truly wireless, bluetooth 5.0 headphones with an IPX6 water ingress rating are a pretty good deal at the eventual retail pricing of $149, but at $39, it’s an unheard of deal.

Pamu Scroll Headphones

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