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Clothing - This Is Cambridge TICCC Bibshorts Preview
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018


This Is Cambridge TICCC Bibshorts Preview


Simon Tuck


A Preview of This Is Cambridge TICCC Bibshorts


This Is Cambridge are well known for their bold and colourful designs. And now you can buy their premium TICCC Bibshorts to complete your ensemble. Available for Men and Women in black with a chrome effect logo, and subtle splashes of colour on the radio pocket and straps. These bibshorts will be the perfect match with any of the TIC range of eyecatching designs like the A Bloc and Hors Categorie sock designs I reviewed here.


The TICCC (This Is Cambridge CC) performance Bibshorts have been designed for those riders looking for a race level bib. Without question the single most important component in a bib short is the chamois pad. This Is Cambridge (TIC) have spent many hours, days and months riding and testing in order to identify and develop the right pad technology for their bibs. Their bibs have been developed around the pad, not vice versa. Hence, the result is a bibshort which provides superior comfort, compression and fit for those intense, long rides and consecutive days in the saddle. TIC products are designed to be gender neutral, so everything on their website is available for men and women equally.


This Is Cambridge TICCC Bibshorts

TICCC Bibshorts will match any of TIC’s bright jersey and sock patterns


The chamois pad has been designed with long rides up to and over 8 hours. And to achieve this they have a seamless construction and they’re pre-shaped for an accurate, close fit. Also the pad utilises high impact, perforated foam for shock absorption and moisture control. Carbon yarn is used to dissipate heat and bacteria.


This Is Cambridge TICCC Bibshorts

The TICCC Bibshorts are designed for long days in the saddle


The wide ‘super grip’ leg grippers are snug yet comfortable to ensure the shorts stay correctly seated. The lycra fabric provides exceptional comfort, moisture control and compression. The upper bib mesh straps have bonded hems for a secure, unobtrusive fit. All components work together to ensure the chamois pad keeps you comfortable and in the saddle for long rides.


This Is Cambridge TICCC Bibshorts

‘Super wide’ leg grippers display the TIC motto


The TICCC Bibshorts are made from Italian performance fabrics. Lightweight breathable lycra and bonded mesh straps keep everything cool and comfortable. Wide ‘super grip’ leg grippers keep them in place so all you have to worry about is turning the pedals. As is quite common on premium bibshorts, and with a suggestion of these bibshorts intended use, there is a race radio pocket at the back.


This Is Cambridge TICCC Bibshorts

What do you keep in your race radio pocket?


I really like the look of these bibs from This Is Cambridge. You’ll notice that in contrast to the bulk of their range, the Performance Bibshorts are quite plain. This means you can then team them up with any of TIC’s crazy jerseys and socks (or other branded kit and colourways) without getting pulled up by the fashion police. I’m just wondering if they’ll do a longer version for Winter. I’ve got a few jerseys that don’t have matching shorts, so I’m a big fan of plain black shorts that can go with whatever jersey I pull out of the drawer. TIC say that these shorts are made for long days in the saddle so comfort and durability should be key features.


This Is Cambridge Website


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