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Clothing - The People’s Poncho 2.0 Preview
Thursday, June 14th, 2018


The People’s Poncho 2.0 Preview


Paul Horta-Hopkins


A preview of the People’s Poncho 2.0.


The People’s Poncho 2.0 is an updated, more bike friendly version, of last year’s poncho. As a rain cape hard-core cyclists may get a bit sniffy, but give it a second look and you might be surprised to see how useful it is.


The People's Poncho 2.0

The People’s Poncho 2.0


We took a brief look at last year’s Poncho – the Poncho 1.0 and the overall opinion was that it was great for easy, casual rides. The kind where you are non-lycra; popping down the shops, the school run, you know all those little trips that don’t need to go on Strava!


The People’s Poncho 2.0 is made from the same three layer fabric as the original. This consists of a Japanese polyester (the highest quality durable polyester, apparently), a TPU coating and a breathable Tricot knit. The TPU coating has a waterproof rating of 12,000 millimeters, which makes it ‘highly waterproof’.


What are the features? Take a look

What are the features? Take a look


Features of the People’s Poncho include; a water-resistant front pouch, so no soggy wallet. An adjustable peaked hood with elastic toggles at neck and back of head, handy for getting a perfect fit. Three buttons down the sides allow you to form sleeves, for those off the bike moments. And the whole thing packs down into its own ‘bumbag’, that’s fanny-pack for those over the pond!


What the 2.0 adds are some cycle specific details. These include reflective strips front and back for extra visibility. A waist band stops the whole cape from lifting in the wind. Meanwhile two straps on the inside can be looped around the bars, protecting the legs from the rain.


Straps are added to help keep the poncho in place and you dry

Straps are added to help keep the poncho in place and you dry


While it’s been a while since we’ve seen any proper rain down in Sussex, I’m sure there’s some on the way, it is summer after all! I can see the People’s Poncho 2.0 being very useful not only on the bike, but also when it’s too warm for a proper coat, but you just know it’s going to rain later. I’ll let you know how I get on with it both on and off the bike.


The Peoples Poncho – Hardy '2.0' from the people's poncho on Vimeo.


The People’s Poncho


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