Osloh Lane Bike Jeans Preview

Osloh Lane Bike Jeans Preview


Osloh Lane Bike Jeans Preview


Simon Tuck


A preview of Lane Bike Jeans made by Osloh. These jeans are designed specifically with cyclists in mind. There’s features galore in these very technical jeans, including a chamois pad, water repellent coating and pockets everywhere.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, Osloh was created to provide the casual everyday cyclist with clothing that works just as well on the road and in motion as it does at your destination. Stylish and timeless apparel that performs. From a 2013 Kickstarter that raised more than double the target, Osloh have expanded to a point that they have just opened a European distribution centre. They are sending us some of their Lane Bike Jeans to review.


Osloh Lane Bike Jeans MAIN
Osloh Lane Bike Jeans


With a choice of 4  Osloh styles and several different colours and materials, I chose the Lane Bike Jeans as they offer a slightly more relaxed fit than Osloh’s Traffic Jeans. The Lane Jeans also look slightly more formal than the cargo-like Crank Trousers. Both of the other available styles have similar features and plenty of pockets, and so do the shorts which complete the line-up.


Osloh Lane Bike Jeans colours
Osloh’s Lane Jeans come in two different colours and materials. The twill should be lighter and better for warm weather whilst the denim will be harder wearing.


I chose the Indigo Denim variant over the Black Cavalry Twill. Osloh recommended the twill for warmer weather, but also suggested that the denim would be thicker and therefore more hard wearing. I like to look after my kit, but it does get a hard life, so this all made sense.


Osloh Lane Bike Jeans details
Just some of the details that go into a pair of Osloh Jeans.


I mentioned lots of features so let’s get a bit more detail. Osloh have seriously thought about the needs of a cyclist with their range of jeans. They say that whereas regular jeans require less than 15 manufacturing processes, their jeans are subject to over 40. Key amongst the design touches are the extra reinforcing of seams, pockets, waistband, fly and crotch.


Osloh Lane Bike Jeans Front
Reinforced button fly. It’s not our preferred choice of fly closure, but I guess it’s less likely to go wrong.


Specific touches that are more noticeable will be the chamois pad, the reinforced chainguard on the inside of the right leg, the large phone pocket, and the ankle tabs to cinch any excess fabric away from the chain. There’s also a water and bacteria resistant coating to repel water and reduce odours from sweat.


Osloh Lane Bike Jeans Back
Discrete, useful, reinforced pockets and here you can see the chamois.


All these technical aspects do come at a price. Giro, Endura, swrve and Levi’s, amongst others, all make jeans and trousers aimed at cyclists. Will the Osloh Jeans be able to justify their slightly higher price? I have received the Osloh Lane Jeans already. A quick comparison with my Levi’s Commuter 511 Jeans suggests the Osloh item feels more expensive, has more features, and fits slightly better. I’ll let you know how they do on the bike, and after a few washes.


Osloh Lane Bike Jeans chainguard
There’s a reinforced and padded area to protect you from the chain.


Osloh Jeans Website


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