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Helmets - Ekoi Corsa Evo Helmet Review
Monday, January 22nd, 2018


Ekoi Corsa Evo Helmet Review


Simon Tuck


A review of the Ekoi Corsa Evo Helmet.


The Corsa Evo is a ventilated aero-style helmet that’s worn by MTB team BH-Suntour-KMC as well as AG2R. The Ekoi Corsa Evo is an evolution of the Corsa Light helmet. Pro team AG2R La Mondiale were involved in developing the Corsa Evo.


Ekoi Corsa Evo Helmet

Ekoi Corsa Evo Helmet


I received the Corsa Evo in matt black, with black logos on. In my opinion it’s the best colour it comes in, but there are other colours including AG2R colours. You can also get your helmet customised with an insert and your name for a small charge. My first impression was that it fits really well. As soon as I put it on my head it cradled my skull as if it was made to measure. The Corsa Evo comes in 3 sizes and Ekoi say it should fit 99% of head shapes. It’s certainly one of the most comfortable helmets I’ve worn. It was a slight stretch to get a cap underneath it. The rear adjuster was almost maxed out, but it still felt comfortable. Although I did crash in it I didn’t get to try out it’s protection, but it conforms to current standards and AG2R are happy to wear it in a race peleton.


Ekoi Corsa Evo interior

The pads are removable and the straps are light but strong.


The pads are removable for washing and the adjuster at the back is handy enough to adjust on the move if you remove a cap, or your head swells up in the heat. I did find the adjuster slightly tricky to use with Winter gloves on, but it’s neatly tucked out of the way and I have got quite big fingers. The straps are webbed for strength and lightness. I’ve seen similar straps on other premium helmets, and it’s reassuring to see that in a lid that costs under £100. They’re soft and don’t chafe. I’ve taken the fabric sleeve off the strap because its unnecessary. There’s adjusters below the ears on each side to fine-tune the straps and they’re easy to use too, but not whilst wearing the helmet..


Ekoi rear adjustment

The rear adjuster is neatly tucked away, but can be tricky to grasp with Winter gloves


The highlight feature of the Corsa Evo is something you’ll find on most of the Ekoi helmets now. The magnetic closure buckle is my favourite helmet fastening, full stop. I tested a helmet called the Biologic Pango a while back that had something similar. Basically, as you’ll see in the video below, the two sides are magnetic. You just put them close to each other and magnetic attraction finishes the job. To get the buckle apart you slide them apart, which is easily done with one hand. It’s weird because it’s easy to use, but they’ve never come apart by themselves.


Ekoi magnetic closure buckle

Ekoi magnetic closure buckle


The Ekoi Corsa Evo is a brilliant helmet and it’s the first one I reach for at the moment. It’s so comfortable, and it looks great. The matt finish has been easy to wipe clean, and there’s no chips or scratches yet from resting it on tables at the café. At 244g for my L/XL it’s pretty light. The strong winds of Cambridgeshire normally blow me about, but there’s no whistling or noticeable resistance from the Corsa Evo. This is probably thanks to having a more rounded profile than the Corsa Light that it replaced, to make it more aero. The two front vents are perfectly placed to hold sunglasses securely.



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