Crankalicious Crisp Frame and Enduro frame sealant
Crankalicious Crisp Frame and Enduro frame sealant

Crankalicious Crisp Frame Hybrid Frame Wax and Enduro Frame Sealant Preview


Crankalicious Crisp Frame Hybrid Frame Wax and Enduro Frame Sealant Preview


Simon Tuck


It’s that time of year when if you have one, you’ll be getting your Summer Bike out of the vault. It may have been hermetically sealed in a vacuum chamber, but more than likely it’s a bit dusty from the loft or garage (if you bothered cleaning it properly before you put it away). After you’ve cleaned it what would be better than a coat of something special to make it extra-shiny, to help prevent it getting dirty again, and maybe even to make it easier to clean next time!


Crankalicious Handmade 2

Crankalicious is made in Essex


Crankalicious is a British Company. Based in Essex, they literally manufacture, or create, bike care products at their premises in Elsenham. If you are, or have ever been into your cars, then you might have heard of Dodo Juice. The man behind Dodo Juice was one of the creators of Crankalicious. So, even though the bike care side has only been running for 3 years, there’s over a decade’s worth of experience of hand making over 300 different car care product lines that sell in over 40 countries.


Crankalicious Crisp Frame wax

A little goes a long way


Crankalicious sent me two products designed to make my frame shine. They also protect the finish by preventing mud and dirt from sticking to your paintwork. We’ve got the Crisp Frame Hybrid Frame Wax, which is a wax/ sealant that fills or masks minor imperfections and leaves a glossy finish that mud and dirt will find hard to stick to. They also sent their Enduro Frame Sealant, which is a nano spray that protects surfaces and prolongs the finish. Both products do a similar job, but the Crisp Frame wax takes slightly more time to apply and should last longer per coating. The Enduro sealant needs to be applied more regularly.


Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant

It’s an interesting colour and it also smells nice!


The Crankalicious website is very easy to use, and you can find anything you need to make your bike look better under one of the five headings- Remove, Improve, Protect, Accessories, and Kits. You’ll find products suited to certain paint finishes like the Carboniferous Matt Detailer. There’s sprays to clean specific parts of your bike like the Like Pneu Tyre Cleaner. The kits provide good value, and the accessories are perfect to make the cleaning process easier. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also lots of ‘How to’ videos so you know exactly how to get the best results from the products.


Crankalicious Crisp Frame

Crankalicious recommend using a foam applicator to apply Crisp Frame hybrid frame wax.


My Summer bike has been hanging out in a damp garage in between turbo sessions, so it’s time to give it a thorough overhaul and clean before applying some protection. My Winter bike will also get some treatment to see how these products perform when the weather gets nasty. Check back to see how they we get on.


Links to full reviews for Crankalicious Crisp Frame Hybrid Wax and Enduro Frame Sealant.


Crankalicious Website


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