Alpe Du Zwift

Alpe Du Zwift


Alpe Du Zwift


Paul Horta-Hopkins


New alpine climb, the Alpe Du Zwift added to Watopia Island.


If like me, you’re a regular Zwifter, then you’ve probably heard of a new addition to Watopia. Zwift’s island has its first Alpine style mountain climb, the Alpe Du Zwift.


It's time to climb the Alpe Du Zwift
It’s time to climb the Alpe Du Zwift


Zwift said they’d had many calls from cyclists to build an Alpine style climb and what Zwifters ask for, Zwifters get! The Alpe Du Zwift bares more than a passing similarity to one of cycling’s most iconic climbs, Alpe D’Huez.


Zwift say that “while the terrain mimics the French giant, we have given the climb a distinct Zwift twist.” Climbing purists will be happy to hear those twists include twenty-one hairpin bends. A full run down of the Alpe Du Zwift stats are listed below.


Alpe Du Zwift


Segment Length: 7.5mi/12km
Segment elevation gain: 3400ft/1036m
Average gradient: 8.5%
Elevation Gain: 3400ft/1036m
Average Gradient: 8.5 %
Segments: 21 Hairpins



Not many riders have easy access to climbs this long and high. Which makes the Alpe Du Zwift a fantastic training tool for those preparing for mountainous Gran Fondo’s. And with a climb that takes over an hour to complete, Zwift Fondo events look like they’re about to get a lot harder!


The Alpe Du Zwift is part of the Watopia Island course and can be accessed via the Mayan Jungle. It is only open to Zwifters of level twelve or higher. Not sure why they are limiting entry, but it’s another incentive to ‘level up’. However if you’re only a lowly level five, you can still ride the Alpe, with a little help from a friend. “Ride or Run With A Friend” who is Level 12 or higher and the gate to the Alpe will open. Also official Zwift events taking place in the expansion will allow riders of any level up the climb.


You can count down those hairpins as you climb
You can count down those hairpins as you climb


New routes will also be added to Watopia following the Alpe Du Zwift expansion. These new routes are; Four Horsemen, an 89.3 km route with 2112m elevation. The Road to Sky is 19.9km long, with 1144m of climbing. Finally the Tour of Fire and Ice is 25.1km long with 1166m elevation.


I took a brief peek at the new Alpine monster, while warming up and can confirm that Zwifters were riding the Alpe in force. Probably trying to get their name on the scoreboard first. If you’re already on Zwift, then get over and have a look.




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