This is Cambridge Socks


This is Cambridge Socks


Simon Tuck


A Review of the This is Cambridge Spring/Summer 2017 Socks. We had the ‘A Bloc’ and ‘Hors Categorie’ designs on test.


I was quite surprised when I received these socks. I knew they were coming, obviously, but I wasn’t expecting them to be quite so, um, bright. Worth putting your welding visor on before opening any packages from This is Cambridge (TIC) because their designs use bright, eye-catching colours.


Our This Is Cambridge sock collection

Our This Is Cambridge sock collection


You may have noticed that on both of the designs we’ve tested the socks have a different pattern on each sock. In fact with few exceptions the TIC range is mostly made up of pairs of socks that have a pattern on each foot that compliments but doesn’t match the one on the other foot.


To start with, the socks are nice and grippy without being too tight. I’m a 44 euro and the size I had was 44-47 (size is helpfully stitched into the sole of each sock, a nice touch). They stayed in place with no movement. This is important so the technical areas are in the right place. On the upper of your foot the socks have an air mesh weave to aid cooling.


The toes and heel have reinforced fabric and the arch has an elasticated support band. The six inch cuff (measured from the heel) is also made with an air mesh weave and has a doubled over opening which is flat stitched, as are all seams and so there’s no pressure points to cause friction.


Are you "that crazy sock guy"?

Are you “that crazy sock guy”?


I’ve been wearing these socks a bit on the turbo and thanks to the weather when I’ve been out they’ve often been covered by overshoes, which can become quite sweaty. Even though the TIC socks are made from synthetic material, the Meryl Skinlife Fabric has meant that they don’t smell too bad. The fabric stops odour producing bacteria from growing in it without reducing natural bacteria which is essential for healthy skin, according to the company that makes Meryl Skinlife Fabric.


The socks are quite soft to the touch and once they’re on you won’t think about them again. This is a good quality for a pair of socks and it’s what they were designed to do. Except you aren’t doing them justice because these socks have a load of technical features that are making your ride more pleasant. These features will increase the life-span of the socks as well as reducing chafing and hygiene issues.


Where do you stand in the Sock Game?

Where do you stand in the Sock Game?


Of course, it won’t be long until you do think about them again because inevitably someone will comment on them, they’re just that kind of sock. If you’re shy and don’t like people coming up to you for a chat then you might need to think twice about buying a pair of these socks. If you aren’t shy then you might want to buy more than one pair so you can keep on being ‘that guy (or girl) with the crazy socks’.


I think TIC’s designs are brilliant, although I’d like to see an ‘L’ and an ‘R’ on them so I know which pattern goes on which foot. I’d ignore it if I felt like it, but it’d be nice to know so my feet matched the photos on the website! I guess if you had the matching jersey and bibs it might also be handy so the design carries through. The jerseys and bibs employ the same asymmetrical designs as the socks.


This Is Cambridge


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