Tufo C Elite Pulse Tyres

Tufo C Elite Pulse Tyres


Tufo C Elite Pulse Tyres


Duncan Moore


Review of the Tufo C Elite Pulse Tyres


The pair of Citec 8000 CX 63 wheels we received for review from the UK importer, Sonic Cycles, came with a pair of Tufo C Elite Pulse tubular clincher tyres…


Sonic kindly threw in a pair of Tufo C Elite Pulse tubular clincher tyres


You’ve read our review of the Citec wheels, it’s now time to talk about the tyres they have been fitted with. Tufo’s C Elite Pulse are a combination of traditional tubulars and clinchers; basically a tubular with clincher style hooked beads. This means you get the benefits of tubulars without the hassles of fitting them. For the uninitiated the benefits mean the potential for much higher pressures and many would say a better ride too.


Should you puncture, tubular tyres are less prone to roll off the rim too. Then again if you do puncture one they can be a real pain to fix. I expected that to be an issue with these Tufo tyres too, but Sonic Cycles sent along a bottle of Tufo’s own sealant, which is claimed to be able to instantly seals punctures up to 2mm in diameter. I found it easy to install in the tyres once I’d popped the valve cores out using the supplied tool, which also made it easy to fit the valve extenders needed to be able to use the tyres with the Citec wheels.


What was not so easy was getting the tyres on the rims. One tyre had already been fitted by Sonic so that I could see how the bead should sit on the rim. My first attempt at getting a tyre on failed, leaving me with a bloodied thumb. However, like fitting tubs, I reckon that that attempt stretched the tyre enough that when I had a second go, a day later, the tyre popped into place easily.


The next challenge was to get some air in. Despite the tyres having long valve stems and valve extenders fitted, there’s only just enough valve showing for me to get the head of my track pump on. Even then I had to hold it in place with one hand and use the pump single-handed. When it comes round to time to replace the tyres I’ll be looking for longer valve extenders…


Anyhow, it’s been a couple of months since I got the tyres on the wheels and pumped up, and while I’ve not been deliberately trying to puncture them, nor have I been consciously avoiding potential puncture situations, and that includes pinch punctures riding up and down curbs. The good news is that either I’ve not had any punctures or the sealant is working. Whatever the reason, the tyres are holding their pressure so I’ve got no complaints there, which is good news given my previous comments about valves and pumps.

The Tufos on the Citec wheels


Ride wise, I’ve no complaints either. Despite the recent wet and cold weather and minimal tread pattern on the C Elite Pulse, I’ve not been able to break traction and that includes out of the saddle climbs on back roads covered with leaf mulch. It’s the same story with hard cornering; no slipping, no sliding, just predictable and confidence inspiring grip. All that remains is to see how long the tyres will last.


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