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Simon Whiten


A brief look at some of the hottest cycling tech on CycleTechReview TV..?


Well no, it’s not the announcement of a new TV channel, nice as that might be, but CycleTechReview was recently asked to do a brief cycling tech slot on the TV tech show, Swipe, aired weekly on SKY News.


With SKY being a major supporter of cycling in the UK and the whole cycling market booming at present, it seemed a logical step for the show which usually focuses on phones, laptops, computer games and so on. It’s only a short overview feature and, heavily edited, came out OK in the end. I am not sure that a career change beckons…


The cycling bit starts about 3:55 in and lasts for a couple of minutes.


Thanks to Nanoo, Garmin, Drift Innovation, ICEdot and See.Sense for supplying the products. We’ll have much more in-depth reviews of each here on the website.



Drift Innovation

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