Bryton Rider 40

Bryton Rider 40


Bryton Rider 40


Words by Paul Horta-Hopkins


Review of the Bryton Rider 40


There cannot be many cyclists nowadays that do not use bicycle computers but if you are one of those that still believe they represent all that is wrong with modern cycling, quantifying everything, reducing our sport to numbers and that they are only for riders who want to ride at a certain power output or heart rate rather than jump up the road because it just ‘felt right’, then maybe the petite Bryton Rider 40 will convince you that computers have their place.


The Bryton Rider 40 is all about training, recording it and using those numbers to improve your performance. There are some basic navigation tools, but the Rider 40 is designed for the serious, hard training cyclist and as such is all about the numbers.


Bryton are a Taiwanese electronics company, who produce GPS products for cycling, athletics, fitness and outdoor adventure sports. They are also the official sponsor to the AG2R La Mondiale Pro Cycling Team, supplying them with Rider 40 and 50 units.


We received a Bryton Rider 40 from Zyro for review and after a couple of months use, it is now an essential part of my kit whenever I head out; not bad considering I’d been one of those riders who’d done without for a few years… Read More >






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