Zipp Tangente Tyres

Zipp Tangente Tyres


Zipp Tangente Tyres


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New Zipp Tangente Tyres launched


Ready for next season, Zipp have sent over details of their new Tangente Tyres


Zipp rightly argue that the tyre is the key part of any cyclist’s set-up, being both critical as the leading edge in deciding where airflow is going and being the rider’s connection to the road.
They first introduced their Tangente line of tyres in 2007 with the focus on the tyre’s leading edge airflow properties and how they interfaced with Zipp’s rims.
Despite Zipp contracting an established tyre manufacturer to develop the tyre’s casing and tread compound, they did not focus as much on rolling resistance, which has now become a key factor with this new rubber.
Zipp claim to have taken their aero knowledge from developing the Firecrest rim shapes and updated the tyres appropriately to maximize airflow, but have also worked to optimise rolling resistance.
There are three new tyres in the Tangente line: the Course, the Speed and the SLSpeed.
Zipp Tangente Tyres
The Tangente Course is a clincher with the added insurance of a puncture protection belt, and a 120 tpi casing for a supple ride and low rolling resistance.
The lightweight Tangente Speed is designed for race day with a 220 tpi casing, thin sidewalls for excellent road feel, low rolling resistance and plenty of grip in the turns.

Zipp Tyres

Tangente SLSpeed is a dedicated racing tubular, handmade with a 320 tpi cotton casing for a super supple ride, extremely low rolling resistance and confidence-inspiring grip in the turns.


Zipp Speed Weaponry was founded in 1988, using design engineering, composites knowledge and wind tunnel development to deliver a series of firsts in the cycling industry, such as the first carbon disc wheel, the first carbon crank, and the first wheel to achieve negative drag in the wind tunnel. This has obviously translated to numerous wins in all aspects of cycle sport.
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