Strava 4.2 mobile App

Strava 4.2 mobile App


Strava 4.2 mobile App


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Strava launch new 4.2 version mobile App


Targeting the growing number of first time cyclists who use their phone before taking the plunge and investing in a GPS/computer from Garmin or similar, Strava has launched the new 4.2 version of their mobile App with new features that include goal tracking, auto-pause and integration with Apple’s new iOS 8.


Strava 4.2

The app now incorporates weekly goals to help you track and improve your performance. It lets you set goals, by distance or time, and to visualise your progress towards achieving those goals.

Strava 4.2
“Goal setting is one of the most popular features on, and for good reason: it’s an important motivational tool for every athlete,” said Alex Mather, vice president of product design at Strava. “Our data shows that members who set goals ride and run twice as often as those who don’t set goals.”
If you want more accurate speeds and splits you’ll like the addition of an auto-pause feature for all iOS and Android devices that run Strava’s mobile app. The new feature intelligently pauses and restarts the recording of an activity when you’ve momentarily stopped at the traffic lights or similar.
Strava’s app is also integrated with Apple’s iOS 8, so you can start and stop the recording through a new Notification Centre widget, eliminating the need to navigate to the Strava app during a workout. The widget also displays real-time activity information including elapsed time, speed or pace, and total distance travelled.
Strava 4.2
The new version 4.2 of the Strava app is available in the App Store and will soon be available in Google Play. It is free and comes with the option of Premium membership that includes in-depth analytics, motivational tools like instant results, weekly goal tracking and member-only rewards and benefits.
Strava Premium membership is available for £3.99 per month or £39.99 per year.
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