Raleigh 2015 Children’s Bikes

Raleigh 2015 Children’s Bikes


Raleigh 2015 Children’s Bikes


Andrew Crimp


Focus is on performance for Raleigh 2015 Children’s Bikes


Remember the time when everyone’s first bike (at least here in the UK) was a Raleigh?

Raleigh continue their revival, and have upped their game with a new range of kids’ bikes with performance in mind.
I have fond memories of Raleigh and have had numerous models, including the iconic Chopper and Grifter, but my most passionate affair by far was with a 1970s 10-speed racer in blue. I was glued to that machine and it was the start of my love affair with cycling.

Raleigh have upgraded the specs for 2015 on their new Children’s Bike range under the premise that riding any bicycle is great fun, but riding a one that handles and performs well is even better. For all the competitive kids out there, riding a good-looking, well-constructed machine might just pique their interest enough to try racing, join a cycling club and take cycling a little bit more seriously. If your child decides that they want to race, then giving him or her a lightweight and durable bike is important, whether on dirt-track, grass-track or tarmac track. Watch out Sir Hoy…
good-looking, well-constructed machine
The 2015 range is designed to look appealing and as parents, you will have no difficulty spotting your youngster as the frame decals are certainly bright and bold, making sure the bike and your child stands out. The 20”-26” frames are lightweight aluminium, triple-butted frames, with chromoly forks.
All Raleigh 20” and 24” kids’ bikes now feature upgraded Shimano rear derailleurs, as well as Revoshift gears, non-slip safety pedals, v-brakes with front modulators, kick stands, gear protectors and size-specific brake levers.
The collection caters for both the 3 year old ‘enthusiast’ up to the committed ‘competitor’ aged 11.
Good across all surfaces
Alongside the 2015 performance models, Raleigh also have new city-style models, again in aluminium, which feature a whole bevy of accessories, such as shopping baskets (front and rear), mudguards, retro chrome bells, smart styling and sprung saddles, and names such as Scarlet Rose, Rosina and West Bay.
Quality Components
Raleigh stalwarts, like the Zero 16”-24” mountain bikes (including new 18”), now get the aluminium formed tubes, a hard wearing paint job and an embossed saddle.
Jayne Bakes, Raleigh Kids’ Bikes Product Manager, “We’ve taken our time with the new performance models to make sure they’re absolutely on the money.”
“We believe in quality and reliability and that’s just what parents can expect with our 2015 range. They’ve been designed for kids who want to progress and take their riding to the next level, and that can only come from a technologically advanced bike
Likewise we’ve worked hard to make sure that certain technologies are available across the entire Raleigh kids range to ensure that, whatever your budget, whatever your riding style, you’re getting quality and reliability throughout.”
The range has been boosted by some stand-out design work and components from Shimano so we’re expecting strong demand in the run-up to Christmas.”
The Raleigh 2015 Kids range starts at £95 (RRP) and the new performance models cost between £200 to £325 (RRP).

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New Raleigh Children’s Bike Range 2015


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